Melbourne to Alice springs

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Hey, we are two german girls (19 years old), looking for a lift 🙂

  • Start Date 23/03/2018
  • End Date 05/04/2018
  • Country Australia
  • Start Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australien
  • Stop Over Great Ocean Road- Peterborough- Victoria- Australien,Adelaide- South Australia- Australien,Uluṟu-Kata-Tjuṯa-Nationalpark- Petermann- Northern Territory- Australien
  • Destination Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australien
  • Contact 0404154377

4 thoughts on “Melbourne to Alice springs”

    Julian Davis


    I drive to Darwin once a week and I can give you a lift from Adelaide to Alice Springs if that will help you….



    thats Great!!



    how can I Contact you?

    William Andrew


    I am driving Canberra to Darwin, I can detour to Melbourne if you need lift.

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